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Garbage Trolley 

1202 Smart City Cart

Street Cleaning Barrows

Bilset Smart City Cart

The BILSET 1202 SMART CITY CART is a revolutionary STREET CLEANING BARROWS developed for Outdoor Cleaning and Collection. It comes with Double Bin of 120 Liters each, making on
spot segregation of wet and dry waste. It is easy to handle and maneuver unlike traditional heavy carts. Highly Functional garbage cart / wheel barrow.

Features / Advantages:-

• Double Bin Trolley for on spot waste segregation of two different

  waste streams, such as for the collection of General Waste and

  Mixed Recyclables.

• Large Diameter Wheel gives the barrow good Ground Clearance     

  and is Easy to Push.

• Front gate of the Barrow allows easy access to bins for removal 

  and placing. 

• The front braked Castor wheels for easy steer ability.

• Add our BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector for both Suction and

  Manual Litter Collection.

• It is most suitable for Railway Platforms, Parking Lots, Large

  Campus, High Streets, Residential Areas, Gardens, Children Parks 

  & Recreational Grounds, Resorts, Commercial Building Complexes,

  Market Areas.

Comes with :-


  • Frame: Steel


  • Container Capacity: 2 x 120 Liters


  • Pneumatic Tires


  • Front Castor Wheels (with Brakes)


  • Operator's Tool box


  • Accessories: Shovel and Brush


Wheel Barrow Cart
Smart City Cart with Vacuum Litter Picker
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