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Sweepers & Scrubbers

Bilset Manual Sweeper, Imop, Road Sweeper, Push Type Manual Sweeper

Bilset Sweepy Manual Push Type Sweeper
Bilset Sweepy

Bilset Sweepy is a Manual Sweeper which simplifies cleaning. Our high-utility Manual Sweeper reduces the manual  load and helps to clean the floor with much ease and comfort. The machine has many advantageous attributes and is faster and convenient to use  than the conventional brooms. The sweeping roller of the Manual Sweeper has a working width of 1000 mm wherein the sweeping rollers clean off the dirt etc with the help of two side brushes. The machine comes with comfortable and adjustable push handle.

Bilset Digi Mop Multi Functional Floor Scrubber 
Bilset Digi Mop
Bilset Mini Floor Scrubber
Bilset Mini Scrubber

Bilset Digi Mop is a Mini Dual Brush Floor Scrubber. It can Easily handle Dirty Water, Stains and Dust. It is electrically operated and  easy to use. Best Suited for cleaning areas which are hard to reach.  


  • Restaurants and Cafes

  • Hotels

  • Inside Trains

  • Malls and Showrooms

  • Homes

  • Restrooms

  • Airports

  • Offices 

  • Workshops 

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