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Vacuum Litter Picker

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The Pedestrian 120 BILSET Vacuum Litter Collector is ECO-Friendly and is best suited equipment for outdoor locations. It enables quick-response cleaning especially in areas which are difficult to reach by the traditional mechanical sweepers.

The 120 BILSET Vacuum Litter Picker is ideal for spot-cleaning in confined areas where accessibility is limited or restricted like around street furniture, under benches, footpaths, patios, driveways, under-bushes, alleyways, parking lots, parks, gardens and busy pedestrian urban areas.





Organic litter or kitchen litter like vegetables, fruits, flowers, dry leaves, cut grass, dog faeces are bio-degradable and need to be collected separately so that effective waste management procedures are followed to help conservation of nature.
Non-Organic litter like paper, glass, plastic, tetra packs, cloth, aluminium foils, wrappers are non bio-degradable and need to be collected separately so that effective waste management procedures are followed to help conservation of nature.


The 120 BILSET Vacuum Litter Collector / Picker is a highly productive, costeffective and virtually maintenance-free way of litter management.


Comes with:

    • A wheeled frame for easy manoeuvring
    • The unit is powered by a 2-Stroke petrol engine
    • 120 Litre Bin
    • Liner for use with disposable garbage bags



Key Features:

    • The Most Versatile Street Cleaning Equipment In The Market Today
    • One Switch Operation For Litter Collection Directly Into Garbage Bags
    • Remove Litter From Hard To Access Areas
    • Faster - Efficient Cleaning
    • Modern Ergonomic Design
    • Simple To Use & Operate
    • Save Time – Save Money

    • No Dispersion Of Dust Particles Into The Environment Unlike In                   Manual Broom Cleaning

BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector
Swachh Bharat
120 Liter Vacuum Litter Collector
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