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Bilset Vehicle Mounted Leaf Collector

Bilset Vacuum Leaf Collector

13 LC

Vehicle Mounted

Bilset 13LC is a Petrol Engine Operated Heavy Duty Vacuum Leaf Collector. It is Specially Designed for Bulk collection of Leafs. Can be easy mounted on Trucks. Our leaf Collector comes with a specially designed impeller which not only collects but also shreds the leafs down to size – up to 15:1.

Model : 13LC 
Dimension : 1000*630*1450mm
Weight : 145kg
Engine : Mitsubishi 420cc 
Inlet Hose : Transparent PU hose with steel support
Inlet Hose Length : 3500mm
Inlet Hose : Diameter 220mm
Output type : Vertical
Chute height : 1500mm
Chute angle : 360 Degrees
 2800 CFM
Frame : Hang kit for tailgate
Battery for electric start : 12v 20 Ah
Emergency Safety Switch : Yes
Inlet Security Switch : Yes

Note: due to the product upgrade, some details might be changed. The above pictures are for reference only!

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