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Bilset Remote Controlled Mower     TERMINATOR

Bilset Terminator

Bilset TERMINATOR is a Remote Controlled Mower that can be operated and controlled remotely, using a handheld remote control device. These mowers are designed to cut grass and maintain lawns without the need for a human operator to be physically present on the mower.

  • Gas-Electric Hybrid with Built in Power Generation System

  • Fully Unmanned Automatic Driving System

  • Equipped with Multiple Intelligent Sensors for easy detection  

  • Ultra HD camera for  automatic obstacle avoidance

  • Built-in High-Precision Navigation System

  • Automatic Charging System

Terminator Remote
Bilset Terminator Mower
Bilset Remote Controlled Mower
Remote Mower


Engine  : 452 cc

Dimensions : 1140 x 1140 x 620 mm

Fuel Type : Petrol / Gasoline

Weight: 280kgs

Cleaning Width : 800 mm

Slope : <45 degrees

Cutting Height : 30-150mm (Adjustable

Speed is 6-9 km/h,

Remote Control Distance :  < 200m

Working speed is 5 km/h.

Remote Control Battery : 24V

Note: due to the product upgrade, some details might be changed. The above pictures are for reference only!

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