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  • Simple to use & operates

 Battery Operated Vacuum Litter Collector E-240

  • Environment Friendly

  • Faster - Efficient Cleaning

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Handle for Battery Operated Vacuum Litter Picker
Multi-Function Handle
240 Liter Bin Vacuum Litter Picker
240L Garbage Bin
Battery Operaed Vacuum Litter Collectors

 Battery Operated Vacuum Litter Collector E-240

  • Battery operated Vacuum Litter Picker comes with powerful vacuum motor for high performance and strong suction.

  • Multi-function handle comes with height adjuster for ease of operations.

  • Environment Friendly, Saves Energy.

  • Comes with Large diameter suction hose .

  • Can easily pick cans, bottles, broken glass, leaves, paper, light material.

  • High Capacity Collection. The garbage bin Capacity is 240 Liters .

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